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sofort english German-English Dictionary: Translation for sofort. Translation for 'sofort' in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations. sofort translate: immediately, instantly, at once, in a moment, directly, immediately , promptly, right, at short notice, at once, right away. Learn more in the. German Die Kommission ist sofort bereit zu untersuchen, wie sie durchgeführt werden könnte. And she was for leaving at once if the other did not apologise. German "Iron Man" geht sofort raus, und bei "Waiting for Superman" kann es ziemlich lange dauern. So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. Mit der Verordnung wurde nun ein in der gesamten Gemeinschaft einheitlich anzuwendendes System geschaffen — und zwar im Sinne bedürftiger Länder.. Real language usage will help your translations to gain in accuracy and idiomaticity! The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. And in the reception we clearly see which associations, which connections, which ideas are immediately evoked by this image, which is in fact, as we experience in central European, in Austrian political culture, so negatively connoted that it is virtually a shame. In that case, when these signs appear, or at least one of them should immediately call an ambulance or go to their own transport if it exists, or for example, ask your neighbors to take them to the hospital. Eine komplett neue Ausgabe erscheint We all shared a single project, and we all could open it instantaneously. He noticed this and blushed too. Expanded and Improved All A1 NAVI users can now profit from numerous expansions of and improvements to the service — at no additional charge, of course..

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Expansion of the A1 CityGuide culture and travel guide services to include the cities of Salzburg and Innsbruck — Details of sights can be called up using call code — A1 CityGuide will guide visitors through the different cities in their own language.. Für Margrith Hiltl war vom ersten Augenblick an klar, dass dies eine willkommene Bereicherung und Erweiterung der Küche bedeutete. In it became quiet around Jack Disconnect and Max left the band as a matter of time. By well directed kicking the avalanches you can make additional bonus symbols appear, which can help you either at once or at the end of the level. First, however, the respective company must endeavour to obtain a voluntary licence subject to reasonable conditions from the patent owner within a period of 30 days. The entry has been added to your favourites. Having been opened in it got almost at once positive feedbacks from the tourists who came to Bukhara to enjoy the ancient monuments of the oriental Middle Ages.. Synonyms Synonyms German for "sofort": Nach über solchen Versuchen stellte er fest, dass er nur im Fall von ein bis vier Bohnen deren Anzahl richtig schätzen konnte.. Violeta Cenci has been travelling most recently in Europe. Das KI hatte aber doch offen und als ich dann mal schaute, ob oben tatsächlich zu sein sollte, sah ich mich irrend.. I want to be informed about the update. At 30 locations in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France you will find: Generikahersteller können ab sofort bei den jeweils zuständigen nationalen Behörden einen Antrag pferdewetten quoten die Erteilung einer Zwangslizenz zur Herstellung sofort english Ausfuhr von Arzneimitteln stellen, sofern berechtigtes Importland seinen Bedarf bei WTO angemeldet hat. A human standing in front of an unprotected capsule would die instantly. Wetter in algerien and Vfb nächstes spiel All A1 NAVI users can now profit from numerous expansions of and improvements to the service — at no additional charge, of course. Die Beleuchtung war nur auf eine kleine Bühne gerichtet, auf der eien Band stand, die ich auf den ersten Blick nicht kannte, deren Sängerin mich aber sofort mit ihrer Stimme in den Bann zog… irgendwoher kannte ich die… Gpp slots power limit zoe-delay. Why not have a go at them together! The lighting was focused on a small stage, was on the tape Sofort english, I did not know at first sight, their singer but her voice immediately drew me into the spell… somewhere I knew the… DSC zoe-delay.

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